Last Terpoets of Spring 2012, Poem #2


Read this poem from my chapbook “Fusion” last night at the final Terpoets of the semester.


Parts of us lost in the process,
the power of a storm
thundering out
and raining down between us…

And finally,
I am stable again.

But it’s getting harder to remember
how we were before the fission,
who I was before the fusion,

and I grow less certain
where the equilibrium should lie.

Life (a flash fiction)


          It’s warm inside the womb.

         Then you see the bright light, and you hear screams and people crying and beeps and bloops and voices. You’re not sure who these people are and cannot comprehend their phrases, and you feel a set of hands pull you out of the warmth you’ve been living in for the past nine months.

         And then after that, everything sucks.